Safer Roads Now   
Vote YES on County
Issue 1A     

           Property tax annual increase of $6.25 per $100,000 of assessed value for 15 years.
            Boulder County subdivision funding adding $1M per year to 1A (30%) for 15 years.

                           $35,000,000 in important road and bridge projects in the 10 BoCo Cities.      

                          Rehabilitation of 150 miles of subdivision roads for 27,000 BoCo residents.





The issue: Colorado law requires that half of county property tax collected for road and bridge funds from properties within cities within the county be distributed to those cities. From the time this law was enacted 50 years ago, Colorado counties, including Boulder County, have reduced their road and bridge mill levy, opting for other funding mechanisms. Further squeezing county road funding options, Colorado law prohibits counties from pulling money from their general funds for roads and bridges with one exception: When the governor declares a disaster for the county, and then such funds must be used for disaster and recovery.

Since 1995, Boulder County has increasingly relied on vehicle registration, gas tax and other funding mechanisms, to fund County road work, while allocating fewer dollars to the Road and Bridge Fund. Thus, less County revenue has been directed to cities for road projects. Cities have had to find other options for funding roads, including raising sales tax.

Homeowners in unincorporated subdivisions have been caught in the squeeze with the reduced Road and Bridge Fund. Due to years-long lack of funding, rural subdivision roads are now in such a state of disrepair they are dangerous. Children ride in school buses on these unsafe roads. Cyclists daily navigate potholes, sometimes resulting in spills and injuries. Emergency responders face increased transit time due to poor road conditions. Residents’ vehicles experience increased wear and tear due to rough road conditions.

If passed, County Issue 1A (Road and Bridge Mill Levy Increase) would provide the following funding:

$2.3 million annually for important road and bridge projects in the 10 cities across Boulder County
$3.2 million annually for rehabilitation of 150 miles of subdivision roads for 27,000 Boulder County residents.

Because subdivision roads often provide access to regional destinations such as schools, trailheads and places of worship, the County Commissioners will continue to contribute an additional $1 million annually to the cost of rehabilitating unincorporated subdivision roads, beyond the mill levy increase.



Safer Roads Now is a group of concerned Boulder County residents who have prepared a ballot initiative that would provide funding for important city infrastructure improvements and to solve a
problem created in 1995 that, despite numerous attempted solutions, still has no available funding.