Safer Roads Now   
Vote YES on County
Issue 1A     

           Property tax annual increase of $6.25 per $100,000 of assessed value for 15 years.
            Boulder County subdivision funding adding $1M per year to 1A (30%) for 15 years.

                           $35,000,000 in important road and bridge projects in the 10 BoCo Cities.      

                          Rehabilitation of 150 miles of subdivision roads for 27,000 BoCo residents.




                Residents in the 10 Boulder County cities will benefit by sharing ballot Issue 1A funds
        Over 150 miles of subdivision roads, some of which have not been rehabilitated in 50 years, will be
          returned to original safe condition over the 15 years of ballot Issue 1A for ongoing maintenance.
           Safer for all across Boulder County: local residents, school buses, snow plows, emergency services, hikers, joggers, runners and cyclists.
 * Linden repaving $1.3M paid for by Boulder County ongoing funding of $1M per year directly for subdivisions, adding 30% to 1A funds for subdivision repaving.
         27,000 residents in over 100 Boulder County subdivisions benefit by sharing ballot Issue 1A funds
      See: SRN presentation to the commissioners: here           Boulder County resolution ballot Issue 1A: here